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This table stores the data for Datasets. A Dataset is the set of samples for a particular data type from a Collection Unit. A Collection Unit may have multiple Datasets for different data types, for example one dataset for pollen and another for plant macrofossils. Every Sample is assigned to a Dataset, and every Dataset is assigned to a Collection Unit. Samples from different Collection Units cannot be assigned to the same Dataset (although they may be assigned to Aggregate Datasets).


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
datasetid serial 10 nextval('ndb.seq_datasets_datasetid'::regclass)
dataprocessors.datasetid fk_dataprocessors_datasetsC
datasetdatabases.datasetid fk_datasetdatabases_datasetsC
datasetpis.datasetid fk_datasetpis_datasetsC
datasetpublications.datasetid fk_datasetpublications_datasetsC
datasetsubmissions.datasetid fk_datasetsubmissions_datasetsC
datasettaxonnotes.datasetid fk_datasettaxonnotes_datasetsC
datasetvariables.datasetid fk_datasetvariables_datasetsC
dsageranges.datasetid Implied ConstraintR
dsdatasample.datasetid Implied ConstraintR
dslinks.datasetid Implied ConstraintR
dssampdata.datasetid Implied ConstraintR
isoinstrumentation.datasetid fk_isoinstrumentation_datasetsC
isosrmetadata.datasetid fk_isosrmetadata_datasetsC
isostandards.datasetid fk_isostandards_datasetsC
repositoryspecimens.datasetid fk_repositoryspecimens_datasetsC
samples.datasetid fk_samples_datasetsR
synonymy.datasetid fk_synonymy_datasetsC

An arbitrary Dataset identification number.

collectionunitid int4 10 null
collectionunits.collectionunitid fk_datasets_collectionunitsC

Collection Unit identification number. Field links to the CollectionUnits table.

datasettypeid int4 10 null
datasettypes.datasettypeid fk_datasets_datasettypesC

Dataset Type identification number. Field links to the DatasetTypes lookup table.

datasetname varchar 80 null

Optional name for the Dataset.

notes text 2147483647 null

Free form notes or comments about the Dataset.

recdatecreated timestamp 22 timezone('UTC'::text, now())
recdatemodified timestamp 22 null
embargoid int4 10 null
embargo.embargoid fk_datasets_embargoC


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
datasets_pkey Primary key Asc datasetid
ix_collectionunitid_datasets Performance Asc collectionunitid
ix_datasettypeid_datasets Performance Asc datasettypeid