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This table stores data for Collection Units.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
collectionunitid serial 10 nextval('ndb.seq_collectionunits_collectionunitid'::regclass)
analysisunits.collectionunitid fk_analysisunits_collectionunitsC
chronologies.collectionunitid fk_chronologies_collectionunitsC
collectors.collectionunitid fk_collectors_collectionunitsC
datasets.collectionunitid fk_datasets_collectionunitsC
dslinks.collectionunitid Implied ConstraintR
lithology.collectionunitid fk_lithology_collectionunitsC

An arbitrary Collection Unit identification number.

handle varchar 10 null

Code name for the Collection Unit. This code may be up to 10 characters, but an effort is made to keep these to 8 characters or less. Data are frequently distributed by Collection Unit, and the Handle is used for file names.

siteid int4 10 null
sites.siteid fk_collectionunits_sitesC

Site where CollectionUnit was located. Field links to Sites table.

colltypeid int4 10 null
collectiontypes.colltypeid fk_collectionunits_collectiontypesC

Type of Collection Unit. Field links to the CollectionTypes table.

depenvtid int4 10 null
depenvttypes.depenvtid fk_collectionunits_depenvttypesC

Depositional environment of the CollectionUnit. Normally, this key refers to the modern environment. For example, the site may be located on a colluvial slope, in which case the Depositional Environment may be Colluvium or Colluvial Fan. However, an excavation may extend into alluvial sediments, which represent a different depositional environment. These are accounted for by the Facies of the AnalysisUnit. Field links to the DepEnvtTypes table.

collunitname varchar 255 null

Name of the Collection Unit. Examples: Core BPT82A, Structure 9, P4A Test 57. If faunal data are reported from a site or locality without explicit Collection Units, then data are assigned to a single Collection Unit with the name «Locality».

colldate date 13 null

Date Collection Unit was collected.

colldevice varchar 255 null

Device used for obtain Collection Unit. This field applies primarily to cores, for example «Wright square-rod piston corer (5 cm)».

gpslatitude float8 17,17 null

Precise latitude of the Collection Unit, typically taken with a GPS, although may be precisely measured from a map.

gpslongitude float8 17,17 null

Precise longitude of the Collection Unit, typically taken with a GPS, although may be precisely measured from a map.

gpsaltitude float8 17,17 null

Precise altitude of the Collection Unit, typically taken with a GPS or precisely obtained from a map.

gpserror float8 17,17 null

Error in the horizontal GPS coordinates, if known.

waterdepth float8 17,17 null

Depth of water at the Collection Unit location. This field applies mainly to Collection Units from lakes.

substrateid int4 10 null
rocktypes.rocktypeid fk_collectionunits_rocktypesC

Substrate or rock type on which the Collection Unit lies. Field links to the RockTypes table. This field is especially used for rodent middens.

slopeaspect int4 10 null

For Collection Units on slopes, the horizontal direction to which a slope faces measured in degrees clockwise from north. This field is especially used for rodent middens.

slopeangle int4 10 null

For Collection Units on slopes, the angle of slope from horizontal. field is especially used for rodent middens.

location varchar 255 null

Short description of the location of the Collection Unit within the site.

notes text 2147483647 null

Free form notes or comments about the Collection Unit.

recdatecreated timestamp 22 timezone('UTC'::text, now())
recdatemodified timestamp 22 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
collectionunits_pkey Primary key Asc collectionunitid
ix_collectionunitid_collectionunits Performance Asc collectionunitid
ix_depenvtid_collectionunits Performance Asc depenvtid
ix_siteid_collectionunits Performance Asc siteid