12074 rows


This table lists persons and organizations referenced by the Chronologies, Collectors, DatasetPIs, DatasetSubmissions, Projects, PublicationAuthors, SampleAnalysts, and SiteImages tables.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
contactid serial 10 nextval('ndb.seq_contacts_contactid'::regclass)
chronologies.contactid fk_chronologies_contactsR
collectors.contactid fk_collectors_contactsR
constituentdatabases.contactid fk_constituentdatabases_contactsR
dataprocessors.contactid fk_dataprocessors_contactsR
datasetpis.contactid fk_datasetpis_contactsR
datasetsubmissions.contactid fk_datasetsubmissions_contactsR
datasettaxonnotes.contactid fk_datasettaxonnotes_contactsR
datataxonnotes.contactid fk_datataxonnotes_contactsR
isometadata.analystid fk_isometadata_contactsR
publicationauthors.contactid fk_publicationauthors_contactsR
sampleanalysts.contactid fk_sampleanalysts_contactsR
siteimages.contactid fk_siteimages_contactsR
synonymy.contactid fk_synonymy_contactsR
taxa.validatorid fk_validatoridR
stewards.contactid fk_stewards_contactsR
stewardupdates.contactid fk_stewardupdates_contactsR

An arbitrary Contact identification number.

aliasid int4 10 null

The ContactID of a person’s current name. If the AliasID is different from the ContactID, the ContactID refers to the person’s former name. For example, if J. L. Bouvier became J. B. Kennedy, the ContactID for J. B. Kennedy is the AliasID for J. L. Bouvier.

contactname varchar 80 null

Full name of the person, last name first (e.g. «Simpson, George Gaylord») or name of organization or project (e.g. «Great Plains Flora Association»).

contactstatusid int4 10 null
contactstatuses.contactstatusid fk_contacts_contactstatusesN

Current status of the person, organization, or project. Field links to the ContactStatuses lookup table.

familyname varchar 80 null

Family or surname name of a person.

leadinginitials varchar 16 null

Leading initials for given or forenames without spaces (e.g. «G.G.»).

givennames varchar 80 null

Given or forenames of a person (e.g. «George Gaylord»). Initials with spaces are used if full given names are not known (e.g. «G. G»).

suffix varchar 16 null

Suffix of a person’s name (e.g. «Jr.», «III»).

title varchar 16 null

A person’s title (e.g. «Dr.», «Prof.», «Prof. Dr»).

phone varchar 64 null

Telephone number.

fax varchar 64 null

Fax number.

email varchar 64 null

Email address.

url varchar 255 null

Universal Resource Locator, an Internet World Wide Web address.

address text 2147483647 null

Full mailing address.

notes text 2147483647 null

Free form notes or comments about the person, organization, or project.

recdatecreated timestamp 22 timezone('UTC'::text, now())
recdatemodified timestamp 22 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
contacts_pkey Primary key Asc contactid
familynames_idx Performance Asc familyname