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Lookup table of Variable Elements. Table is referenced by the Variables table.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
variableelementid serial 10 nextval('ndb.seq_variableelements_variableelementid'::regclass)
variables.variableelementid fk_variables_variableelementsC

An arbitrary Variable Element identification number.

variableelement varchar 255 null

The element, part, or organ of the taxon identified. For plants, these include pollen, spores, and various macrofossil organs, such as «seed», «twig», «cone», and «cone bract». Thus, Betula pollen and Betula seeds are two different Variables. For mammals, Elements include the bone or tooth identified, e.g. «tibia». «tibia, distal, left», «M2, lower, left». Some more unusual elements are Neotoma fecal pellets and Erethizon dorsata quills. If no element is indicated for mammalian fauna, then the genric element «bone/tooth» is assigned. Elements were not assigned in FAUNMAP, so all Variables ingested from FAUNMAP were assigned the «bone/tooth» element. Physical Variables may also have elements. For example, the Loss-on-ignition Variables have «Loss-on-ignition» as a Taxon, and temperature of analysis as an element, e.g. «500°C», «900°C». Charcoal Variables have the size fragments as elements, e.g. «75-100 µm», «100-125 µm».

elementtypeid int4 10 null
elementtypes.elementtypeid fk_variableelements_elementtypesR
symmetryid int4 10 null
elementsymmetries.symmetryid fk_variableelements_elementsymmetriesC
portionid int4 10 null
elementportions.portionid fk_variableelements_elementportionsC
maturityid int4 10 null
elementmaturities.maturityid fk_variableelements_elementmaturitiesC
recdatecreated timestamp 22 timezone('UTC'::text, now())
recdatemodified timestamp 22 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
variableelements_pkey Primary key Asc variableelementid