60 rows


Variable Contexts lookup table. Table is referenced by the Variables table.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
variablecontextid serial 10 nextval('ndb.seq_variablecontexts_variablecontextid'::regclass)
contextsdatasettypes.variablecontextid fk_contextsdatasettypes_variablecontextsC
variables.variablecontextid fk_variables_variablecontextsC

An arbitrary Variable Context identification number.

variablecontext varchar 64 null

Depositional context. Examples are:
*anachronic – specimen older than the primary deposit, e.g. a Paleozoic spore in a Holocene deposit; may be redeposited from the catchment or may be derived from long distance, e.g. Tertiary pollen grains in Quaternary sediments with no local Tertiary source. A Pleistocene specimen in a Holocene archaeological deposit, possibly resulting from aboriginal fossil collecting, would also be anachronic.
*intrusive – specimen generally younger younger than the primary deposit, e.g. a domestic pig in an otherwise Pleistocene deposit in North America.
*redeposited – specimen older than the primary deposit and assumed to have been redeposited from a local source by natural causes.
*articulated – articulated skeleton
*clump – clump, esp. of pollen grains

recdatecreated timestamp 22 timezone('UTC'::text, now())
recdatemodified timestamp 22 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
variablecontexts_pkey Primary key Asc variablecontextid