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This table stores the links to the ages of samples in an Aggregate Dataset. The table is necessary because samples may be from Collection Units with multiple chronologies, and this table stores the links to the sample ages desired for the Aggregate Dataset.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
aggregatedatasetid int4 10 null
aggregatedatasets.aggregatedatasetid fk_aggregatesampleages_aggregatedatasetsC

Aggregate Dataset identification number. Field links to the AggregateDatasets table.

aggregatechronid int4 10 null
aggregatechronologies.aggregatechronid fk_aggregatesampleages_aggregatechronologiesR

Aggregate Chronology identification number Field links to the AggregateChronologies table.

sampleageid int4 10 null
sampleages.sampleageid fk_aggregatesampleages_sampleagesC

Sample Age ID number. Field links to the SampleAges table.

recdatecreated timestamp 22 timezone('UTC'::text, now())
recdatemodified timestamp 22 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
aggregatesampleages_pkey Primary key Asc/Asc/Asc aggregatedatasetid + aggregatechronid + sampleageid