55391 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
siteid int4 10 null
sitename varchar 128 null
datasetid int4 10 null
chronologyid int4 10 null
altitude float8 17,17 null
datasettype varchar 64 null
databaseid int4 10 null
collectionunitid int4 10 null
colltype varchar 64 null
depenvt varchar 255 null
geog geography 2147483647 null
older float8 17,17 null
younger float8 17,17 null
agetype varchar 64 null
publications _int4 10 null
taxa _int4 10 null
keywords _int4 10 null
contacts _int4 10 null
collectionunit jsonb 2147483647 null
geopol _int4 10 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
altitudeidx Performance Asc altitude
atyindex Performance Asc agetype
contactidindex Performance Asc contacts
datasetidindex Performance Asc datasetid
depenvindex Performance Asc depenvt
distinctrows Must be unique Asc/Asc datasetid + chronologyid
dstindex Performance Asc datasettype
geoidindex Performance Asc geopol
keywordidindex Performance Asc keywords
olderidx Performance Asc older
publicationidindex Performance Asc publications
siteidindex Performance Asc siteid
sitename Performance Asc sitename
spatialgeom Performance Asc geog
taxonidindex Performance Asc taxa
youngeridx Performance Asc younger

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