404555 rows


This table stores sample data. Samples belong to Analysis Units, which belong to Collection Units, which belong to Sites. Samples also belong to a Dataset, and the Dataset determines the type of sample. Thus, there could be two different samples from the same Analysis Unit, one belonging to a pollen dataset, the other to a plant macrofossil dataset.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
sampleid serial 10 nextval('ndb.seq_samples_sampleid'::regclass)
aggregatesamples.sampleid fk_aggregatesamples_samplesC
data.sampleid fk_data_samplesC
dsdatasample.sampleid Implied ConstraintR
geochronology.sampleid fk_geochronology_samplesC
sampleages.sampleid fk_sampleages_samplesC
sampleanalysts.sampleid fk_sampleanalysts_samplesC
samplekeywords.sampleid fk_samplekeywords_samplesC
specimendates.sampleid sd_smpidR
analysisunitid int4 10 null
analysisunits.analysisunitid fk_samples_analysisunitsR
datasetid int4 10 null
datasets.datasetid fk_samples_datasetsR
samplename varchar 80 null
analysisdate date 13 null
labnumber varchar 40 null
preparationmethod text 2147483647 null
notes text 2147483647 null
recdatecreated timestamp 22 timezone('UTC'::text, now())
recdatemodified timestamp 22 null
sampledate date 13 null
taxonid int4 10 null
taxa.taxonid fk_samples_taxaR


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
samples_pkey Primary key Asc sampleid
ix_analysisunitid_samples Performance Asc analysisunitid
ix_datasetid_samples Performance Asc datasetid